Terms & Conditions

We allow only acknowledged people in the guest house.

Only 50% of the advance will be return back in case of cancellation of booking

After taking over the Guest house, if the guest cut short the stay or cancel the contract, no amount will be return back at any circumstances.

Half of the agreed amount has to be paid at the time of booking. Balance amount must be paid at the time of check-in

Electricity bill must be paid by the guest in advance.

We will not take responsibility of any theft, accident due to negligence of guest or damage of guest property of articles while stay.

Guest must take care of all articles in the guest house especially electrical gadgets.

Any damage caused by guest other than normal wear and tear to any gadgets or furniture will be charged from guest.

Guests must not make any nuisance to neighbours.

House owners have rights to check up the guest house at any time, at any circumstances.

If the guest engages with any illegal or unlawful activities in the guest house, we will terminate the contract and send out the guest immediately from the guest house.

Guest must provide their Identity proof at the time of booking.

If the Guest wanted to extend or cut short the stay, the same has to inform to the owner before 15 days.